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Tips for Copywriter to Write in Conversational Tone

2020-12-21 18:10:00 by

Are you more attracted to your lecturer lecture or to your friend’s story? I bet it’s even more to your friend’s storytelling. The same goes for your content, the way you write your content must be attracted and be the reason why your readers come back to your page. It is great if you can relate your readers’ needs, interests, wants, and emotions in your content with a conversational tone. Your content will be more understandable and easy to convey the messages that you want to deliver by using a conversational tone.


Now, Tiara will shares how to write content in a conversational tone. These would be very useful tips for all copywriters. Let’s started!


A contraction is a shortened form of several words that omits certain letters or sounds in your sentence. While we’re speaking, we use contractions to make our words speak out fast. But in writing, when we use contractions our writing will sound more contractions and it helps your audience understand and believe what you deliver in your content. Here is an example of a contraction.

The sentence before contractions:

“Do not stop! Or you will be left out!”

The sentences after adding contractions:

“Don’t stop! Or you’ll be left out!”


Use short sentences in your content can make your content more conversational. Why? Because every speaking requires breaks for breathing. So, you should create sentences that are short and easy for your audience to read and take a moment to breathe. Not only that, but short sentences also make your audience easy to understand and scan for information that you want to deliver in your sentence.


Use common words that you always use in your daily conversations. Common words can make your reader to easily understand what you are saying. However, not every content you can use these common words. If you’re writing for business or more corporate content, you need to use appropriate words that suit those content. Avoid using jargon in your sentences as not everyone familiar with certain jargon and jargon is not such a reader-friendly.


Did you know by asking questions to your audience can make your content more conversational? Yes, it is! That’s why Tiara asks you that question (wink). Asking a question can make your audience feel more appreciated and engaged as they feel like you’re speaking to them. Don’t you feel more appreciated when we ask you a question? Don’t you like that? So, apply it to your content.


Writing in an active voice can also make your content more conversational. What is the active voice? An active voice describes a sentence where the subject performs the action stated by the verb. Why do you think we need to use active voice? Because it is the easiest way to organize our thoughts. Here are example of active voice sentence.

Passive voice sentence:

“The way you can boost up your career is by constantly learning new skills”

Active voice sentence:

“You can boost up your career by learning new skills”


Those are tips on how to write your content in a more conversational tone. While writing it, you will actually break many grammar rules but no one will ever notice it as it’s how we exactly talk. Using a conversational tone in writing can make your content more interesting, and your readers are willing to continue reading your content without reading it halfway.

Want to do a conversational content but you’re having a hard time to do it. Leave it to Tiara, we can help you with it. Easy peasy! Contact us now to get your conversational content.


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