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3 Social Media Trends 2020/2021

2020-12-16 20:20:00 by

Social media has been the most relevant marketing platform nowadays. It’s not surprising if marketers will grab opportunities to increase engagement with their target audience through social media to grow their business. In this posting, Tiara will share the top 3 social media trends for marketers. No matter what products or services you’re selling, you can use these trends as your brand marketing strategy. Let’s take a look. # SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS ### 1. FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM STORIES Stories are a kind of new feature that has been introduced by Facebook and Instagram. Before this, we usually will find this feature only on Snapchat. As time passing by, stories are no longer for the users to only share their pictures or story, but stories have become one of the best marketing strategies that can drive higher engagement, increase brand awareness, drive more traffic, and even boost more sales. No wonder many platforms will be having this feature in it. So, for marketers who want to increase their engagement, brand awareness, traffic, and sales, you can try using these stories feature. ## 2. INFLUENCER MARKETING Influencer marketing is a composite of old and new marketing tools. In the old days of marketing, marketers will only use celebrities as a person to promote your products or services. But nowadays, marketers are also collaborating with the most influential person in social media to promote their products or services. Since social media has reached over 700 million users, can you imagine how many people your brand can reach through these platforms? Using different influencers that might have several different followers can help your brand more visible to many social media users. Related Articles The Importance Of Graphic Design In Digital Marketing ## 3. MESSAGING APPS Messaging apps are the most useful apps and platforms for marketers that enable instant messaging such as enabling status updates, chatbots, payments, and conversational commerce. Usually, when people send a message to marketers, they are expecting a fast response. You are surely not acquired your staff to answer the messages 24/7 right? So, by having this messaging app, it can ease the answering progress as you can automate auto-reply messaging. Not only that, but you can also pre-set several answers that enabling your staff to respond to customers with just one click. ## CONCLUSION In conclusion, those are three social media trends in 2020/2021 that marketers can use for their business. Those three trends are – using social media stories to increase engagement, brand awareness, traffic, and sales, use influencer marketing to help your brand more visible, and use messaging apps to enabling a fast response to your customers. Which trends do you want to try first? Leave your comment below. For Tiara, we already tried all the trends and it works really well and eases our work the most.


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