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Are You Panic For Your Business During Pandemic? Panic No More

360° Social Media Transform

Transform ordinary methods from flyers and mouth-to-mouth marketing to extraordinary online content to sustain your business

Conversion Made Easy Online

Change offline to online platform to bring you the conversion that you desired during “business panic” mode

Digitalized Your Business Strategy

Supercharge your strategy to a better online campaign to reach and win targeted audience’s interest during pandemic

Build strong online presence for an easier recognition and conversion with social media marketing strategies.

Smart Reader Kids, Kemaman

Social Media Management & Marketing

Client’s Concern:

  • How to spread awareness of their learning centre 
  • To increase the number of students enrolment
  • Want to strengthen this particular branch over other branch in Malaysia 

What We Do:

  • Come out with informative content and consistent posting
  • Set up attractive campaign to parents for awareness
  • Focus on branding and brand position content

Smart Reader Kids, Kemaman gained more than 31 fresh enquiries regarding school enrolment with not more than RM 600 of cost marketing

Promote Your Business Through Online Platform

Truedan Malaysia

Social Media Management & Marketing

Client’s Concern:

  • Just penetrate Malaysia’s market
  • No strong branding and followers yet
  • No online platform to reach audience

What We Do:

  • Focus on branding to create uniqueness to this brand
  • Build online platform and post consistent posting
  • Come out with several ads campaign to tap Malaysians’ interest

Truedan Malaysia step up their online presence since their day 1 in Malaysia. They believe with wise social media management and marketing strategy they’ll gain Dan (Magic) for their business returns!

Unlock Your Business Potential With Us

Buffet Ramadhan KL @ Dewan Tun Rahah

Overall performance

Client’s marketing cost is saved up to 38% to gain more quality leads and clicks are increased from 204 clicks to 1,685 clicks in 12 days.

Auction Insights

Regardless Buffet Ramadhan KL is new to organize big Iftar Ramadhan buffet, they ranked as number 1 in Google’s list of buffet organizer, beated Fave.com, Felda D’ Saji and Super Deals.

Search Ads Text Performance

Buffet Ramadhan KL’s Google Search keywords successfully performing well where they got the highest CTR of 19.52% only in 3 days of ads running.

Invest In Social Media Marketing To Achieve The Conversion That You Desire!

ARA Eventhall

Overall Performance

We improve ARA Eventhall Google Ads performance by reducing the cost from RM1.17 down to RM0.28.

YouTube Ads Performance

Ara Eventhall’s YouTube ad managed to save cost from RM0.17 to RM0.04 due to highly converting video ad.

ARA Eventhall succeed in maintaining audience retention where their YouTube ad has view rate above 50% until the end of the video.

Search Ads Text Performance

Client gained high Return Of Investment after managed to save up to 65% of their marketing cost. Clicks are increased from 741 to 1,793 due to well-performing Google ad text.

Let’s Fuel Your Growth With Digital Marketing! Get Your Engine Started NOW!

Don’t Ignore The Power Of Social Media Marketing

With Strategic Planning, It Works 98% Most Of The Time 

Your Social Media Remarkable Change


We have developed a comprehensive approach to bring potential clients to you from every online marketing platform.


We can make your business stand out among your competitors towards all your leads that bring about the possibility of conversions.


We engrave for you a massive and interactive platform to enable you to communicate with your customers at a brand new level.

Businesses must be CRAZY if they don't want to 3x their sales!

Obviously, you want more deals for your business. But, is your marketing is 3x as well?

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Let's FUEL UP the engine of your marketing to ACCELERATE your sales! We're excited!

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General Frequently Asked Questions

ABSOLUTELY! Obviously that’s our expertise to do that. You just need to sit and relax. Let us do the job and be prepare for excellence!

No, we don’t charge any setup fees. We know setting up is just a very simple matter. Plus, we don’t want you to spend more just for setup.

Our minimum contract is 6 months as we want the best optimizations for your business. And the best part of it, if you take this service for 6 months, you will also get FREE Facebook Instagram Ads! We won’t charge you any service fee (that’s worth of RM1,500 per month. You just save RM9,000 with us!)

If it in terms of followers and engagement, normally you will notice the increase in followers and engagement within the first 30 days. The results should continue to increase each month.

Well, obviously the longer the project duration, the more you will see the results.  The best is to engage with us at least 6-12 months to see a noticeable impact on conversions. In long run our social media management service will improve your brand’s followers, engagement, and amplify word-of-mouth effect.

Part of the beauty of Social Media Management is that you can keep track nearly everything you’ve done, comparing to distributing flyers, advertising on billboards, magazines

The key performance indicators we look at are followers, engagement, and website traffic. All 3 of these metrics influence sales in the long-term. You will see these metrics increasing monthly, and we will track progress

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