4 Unexpected Social Media Platforms to Grow Your Brand Awareness

4 Unexpected Social Media Platforms to Grow Your Brand Awareness

Do you want to know platforms that can increase your awareness and visibility for your online business?

Well, luckily i am here to give you some of my suggestions.

Most of people have their social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIN as their main source of tools for online awareness and visibility.

But that’s not it!

By branching out into unexpected, lesser-used social media networks, you have the ability to reach fresh audiences, improve your brand credibility, and even drive traffic to your website. I rounded up the most useful yet underused social media platforms to quickly and easily increase your brand awareness online.

Here are the list of platform that i suggest you start having it:

1. Google My Business

I would recommend this tools as this is the most important things in getting your business searchable as they provide not only your business store, but with Google Maps & Waze features as well.

This would be important if your business has a physical store. As most people will use Google Maps or Waze to find your destination, by not having these will be a missed for your business.

2. Quora

Quora empowers professionals to create profiles surrounding their expertise.

Your brand identity is more than just a logo design — it also encompasses your core values, tone, mission and even who is communicating that information to consumers. This idea is why Quora is such an underappreciated yet valuable platform.

Instead of a business-based social network account, Quora empowers professionals to create profiles surrounding their expertise. Users can add education history, areas of knowledge, professional resume, current occupation and even a head shot and bio to showcase their proficiency.

3. Pinterest

Did you know that Pinterest is the best source to find a cool and quality image? I would recommend this to businesses that focuses on visual looks such as photography, architecture, automotive and etc.

4. Facebook Messenger

Messenger may technically fall under the Facebook umbrella, but I count it as its own social network. After all, it has its own separate downloadable app and user statistics!

However, Facebook Messenger’s biggest benefit is not for driving traffic or posting links. Instead, the app has several chatbot possibilities that can integrate directly with your website.


There are tons of other social networks out there, with more being released every day. Although brands can’t deny the power of social media powerhouses like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, we shouldn’t put all of our eggs into one crowded basket.

Instead, try experimenting in lesser-charted territories. You might find a whole new audience that your brand has been searching for.

Well, I have more to share but you can start with these 4 first and see the results.

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