pes of Digital Marketing for Your Business

Types of Digital Marketing for Your Business In 2019

What types of digital marketing should you be using for your business? Whether your company is large, medium or small – advertising is the only way you are going to bring in those online sales.

Creating ads can be a challenge but it can also be incredibly easy with the right tools! If you have never set up an ad campaign you’re in luck. 

We are going to walk you through the process, tell you all about the different types of digital marketing techniques and when it’s appropriate to use them! 


SEM or search engine marketing is one of the types of digital marketing that includes PPC or Pay Per Click advertisements. 

PPC ads allow you to create your very own customized advertisements, set budgets and view metrics once your ads are up and running. 

Within PPC there are two types of ads that you can run on search engines like Google. They are search ads and display ads.

Search ads show up when a user types a keyword into a search engine. These ads are incredibly powerful as they show up when your potential customers search for a specific keyword. 

People who come across your search ads are already looking for your product or something similar. So you won’t be marketing to cold leads. 

A cold lead is someone who has never heard about your product or service, meaning it usually takes a while to convince them to make a purchase.

These people on the other hand at least have an idea of what they want. And they have probably  heard about your company before. 

For all you first timers, here’s an example of how PPC works: 

Let’s say I need to sell my car. Obviously I’m going to go to Google and type in a phrase like “sell my car”. When I press enter a list of results will appear. The first four and the last three will be advertisements. 

The position depends on the bid each company places on the keyword as well as a quality score from Google. A high quality score indicates that your ad is more relevant meaning that you have a better chance of ranking higher.

Google Display Ads allow you to reach over 90% of people on the internet across over 2 million websites. While these are huge numbers, it does not guarantee that you will see conversions from your ads.

Google Shopping Ads also fall into the PPC category. 

These ads feature a product along with an image and appear on Google in a carousel of photos with prices. 

Social Media Marketing 

Within social media advertising there are several types of digital advertising campaigns that you as a business owner should be running. 

You can run ads on LinkedIn, Facebook and even Instagram. You can advertise on these platforms to generate leads, drive sales, increase brand awareness, and reach all types of people. 

All of these platforms are great but we are going to talk in depth about two of the most popular sites to advertise on: Facebook and Instagram. 

Facebook is one of the oldest and most popular advertising platforms. You can create ads using Facebook’s Ads Manager and easily integrate these same ads onto Instagram. 

Facebook is great if you are wanting to increase your brand’s visibility. You can target specific demographics, locations or even interests that your customer’s have. 

With Facebook there are several different types of advertisements you can run depending on the goals of your business. You can set ads specifically for things like lead generation, conversions, or app installs. 

Facebook ads easily integrate into users’ feeds. So easily in fact that you may be unaware of how many ads you are seeing on social media daily.

Take this home page for example. Already there are two advertisements. One in the news feed and two on the sidebar. There are more ads in this screenshot than there is content from Facebook friends!

It’s important when creating an advertisement to realize how many ads are already out there. How will you make your campaign stand out? Check out some of our ideas to increase website traffic. 

Instagram ads also integrate directly into the platform itself. It can be difficult to distinguish ads from regular posts at first glance because they look exactly like a normal post. 

There are a few differences like a clickable button on the photo that says “learn more” or “shop now” as well as text that says “sponsored” like in this Intel ad. 

It looks just like a regular part of your feed but Intel paid for it to show up. The user has the opportunity to engage with the ad by clicking to learn more, commenting or liking the post.

Since Instagram is a mobile platform your ads will only be displayed to mobile users. There is a desktop version but Instagram advertisements will not be shown to desktop users. 

This is where Facebook advertising has an advantage over Instagram advertising. Your ads will be shown in their newsfeed on desktop and mobile and can also be shown on a sidebar.  

So what advertising platform should you use; Instagram or Facebook? 

The truth is, since you can create Instagram ads from your Facebook ads in Facebook’s ad editor, you can use both! Take advantage of the fact that these two platforms are so tightly knit. 

You should always do market research to see where your potential customers are spending their time and which social media platforms they prefer. 

Our best advice is to keep in mind that some people who use Facebook don’t use Instagram as much and vice versa. If you want your ads to be seen by the most users possible, use both platforms!

Video Advertising

While it’s largely a part of social media advertising, video ads can be in their own category when we talk about types of digital advertising. 

Short attention spans are a huge hurdle for advertisers. And this is why video is dominating digital advertising. Video allows people to absorb content efficiently and without much effort. 

Using videos in place of text advertisements can be a game changer for your business. You can use it to quickly engage with your audience. 

Creating video advertisements may seem difficult, but in the long run they are worth it. We live in a time of instant gratification. If you can give your customers information as quickly as possible, they will listen to what you have to say.

Video ads on social media platforms are growing and are probably already dominating your news feeds. 

Here are some ways that you can implement video into your advertising strategy! 

-Use video to show off a new product and how it works which can help potential customers with their buying decision. If they see how a product works it can give them the confidence they need to convert. 

-When you are creating your first video advertisement, consider creating short high quality videos for social media, Youtube or other platforms. They should be attention grabbing to hook your potential customers. 

-The best video ads for social media are the ones that can be watched with or without sound and still make sense. Many people are scrolling through Facebook or Instagram in places where they can’t always listen to sound. 

-Appeal to emotions and be relatable. Videos should make your audience feel something whether it’s funny, sentimental, happy or sad like this video ad from Amazon. 

They appeal to the viewers emotions and at the same time show what their product can do.

Video helps build trust with your audience and allows you to connect with them on a deeper level. If you’re not already using video in your advertising strategy, now is the time to start!

Time to Choose Your Types of Digital Advertising for Your Business

These are just a few types of digital advertising methods that can help your business grow! If implemented properly, you will be able to grow your customer base, outshine your competition and achieve your sales goals. What other types of digital advertising are you interested in? Let us know in the comments!

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