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Facebook Page vs. Business Website: Which one should I start first?

Do you even need a website anymore? Which one do you prefer?

Facebook page or Business website?

It’s something a lot business owners are now asking themselves. Thanks to the increasing sophistication of social media platforms, building online relationships with prospects is now easier than ever before. There are now more than 40 million active small business pages on Facebook page.

Over the past several years, the social platform has continually introduced new upgrades focused on keeping users from leaving the site.

The company also now gives higher “organic weight” to content consumed on its own site, as opposed to links that send users away from Facebook. A video uploaded straight to Facebook, for instance, will get a significant organic boost over a video link pasted from YouTube.

And other platforms are following suit. So, do you really need that website?

Facebook Page vs. Business Website: Which one should I start first?

It may sound tempting, but don’t drop your company website just yet. If you’re going to have marketing success in the age of platforms, you’re going to need your website to be a hub for all of them.

As we’ll show below, optimizing and iterating your company website is one of the keys to increase your sales.

In this article, we’ll explain why Facebook Business Page are not going obsolete any time soon.


Facebook already have 2.38 billion user. It’s a matter of your consistency and posting that what makes you different.

The average newsfeed displays 1,500 stories, according to Facebook. The typical Facebook user increased their total number of page likes by 50 percent in 2016. Plus, I have prepared an article to get more reach organically. Read it here.


Another benefit of maintaining a Facebook Page?

You are 100% in control of the brand experience. A well-designed content will function as an extension of your company vision, values and services. Not only will it provide visitors with valuable information, but it will also help them to better understand your Unique Selling Proposition.

You can customize your Facebook business page with a background photo. With so many choices available today, potential customers want to know what makes you different from the competition. A Facebook business page is much more conducive to telling your brand story in a clear and engaging manner.

You don’t even have to learn HTML or coding to post you content in Facebook page.


Facebook is ideal for attracting fresh prospects. You can control what kind of audience you want. Or you can get the best out of both world. And nowadays, most people ask “Do you have a Facebook page?”.


None of our clients rely on one platform entirely. Instead, they are using platforms to build audiences where their target personas spend their time. Then, they are using their Facebook Page to generate leads and nurture those leads into customers.

What do you think? Which one is doing the best for you right now? Let us know in the comment section below.

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