7 Social Media Tips: Essential for Startup Business

“Running A Business Is Easy” – Said no one ever

I agree to disagree. There’s an easy way for business. You just need to know the “trick”. 

One of it is by utilising social media platform well.

Social media is one of the best ways to connect with potential customers. If you don’t have a presence on the social networks, you’re missing out on an audience that’s ready and willing to connect with your brand – or even ready to have whatever you’re promoting right away!

Social media can be your secret “ingredient” to increase brand awareness and lead generation for your startup business. It’s not simply a channel that you SHOULD use. It is imperative for you. It has become a channel that you MUST use.

Already have a social media account? Great! But uhm, you still don’t see the result? Fret not! You’ll find 7 proven ways to build social media strategy for your startup business.

#Find Suitable Platform

There’s many social media platform out there. But different platform works differently. You have to keep in mind too that different platform has different audience and followers. Find the suitable one for your business.

Conducting market research will help you refine your marketing goals. Important measure that you should keep an eye to:

  1. The location of your target market
  2. Their online behaviors
  3. How long they spend on the internet
  4. Which social media platforms they use
  5. How often they use social media

Always ask these questions before you choose your social media platform. 

#Build Your Social Media Profile

Social media is a great tool for business. In fact, it is suitable to businesses of any size to reach new markets, build awareness, generate leads, and drive sales.

Every good business strategy starts with a good plan. Set your objective and check for suitable social media platform that meets your objective. Make your social media page with complete business information and any contact information – in case there’s an urgent buyer ;p

#Use Same Handle for Branding Purposes

Be consistent. You have to use the same handle for every social media platform. This will make it much easier for your market to find and follow you.

The purpose of using same handle is for the importance of your branding. You want to make your brand identity crystal clear and as strong as a diamond. It’s absolutely necessary to stand out from your competitor by making a fantastic user experience – simple and easy to find on social media.

#Time For A Content Planning

You must create a content strategy and distribution plan before starting posts on your company’s social media accounts. Without a definite direction, your content will be off topic.

Tips: Besides creating content related to your products or services, you can share a little bit about your company & working culture. This will create a lively and fresh content to your social media page as well.

#Make Use of Automation Tool

I know social media content can be of “hassle” to post. Sometimes you may forget to post it online. Worry not, you have a few tools that will ease your burden to do manage social media posting.

Social media automation tools can help you schedule and deploy social media updates from one single dashboard.

A few notable examples for you to take note:

  1. Hootsuite
  2. Buffer
  3. Hubspot
  4. Social Flow
  5. Sprout Social

Finally, no more hassle in posting. You can never go wrong with any of the products listed above. However, do your own research to see which automation software tool is the right fit for you.

#Engage With Your Followers

Social media is all about get connected to your followers. Engaging your followers on this channel can help you to build a community for your brand.

How to engage well with them?

First, you need to post interesting content that encourages people to take an action. Example: Question poll, a funny meme, a video, or a product photo that encourages your followers to tag their friends.

That’s how you get engaged with your followers.

#Go Live On Social Media!

Don’t be missed out this new trend of social media. Apart of be different than your competitor, this type of content is fresh and very appealing to your followers.

You can use live videos as well to have Q&A session with your followers. Or it just a simple live video where you make an office tour. That will create trust between your followers.

Tips: Try reading out loud your followers name whenever they join your Live video session. That will make them feel special.

In conclusion,

No matter how small your business, social media helps you to have a better connection with your followers, reach new potential customers, and increase awareness of your brand.

Important to jot down: You don’t need to do it at all social media platform. Take a focused approach — start with one or two social media and build your online connection there.

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